Miunske - Your System Partner for Commercial Vehicles

Hardware Components

Since 2000 Miunske electronic components are developed in-house. At the beginning it was pure hardware components, such as diodes and resistor modules, time relays, stepping relays or wiper-wash relays.


Miunske pursuing a strategy of "performance-related use of CAN products."
With the wide range of CAN-I / O modules, gateway and CAN switching and display units existing CAN systems can be extended or independent CAN networks are designed.

    Software Components

    Intelligent system solutions are no longer made without software-supported components.
    That's why Miunske has a development area for software. The aim is to provide programs for parameterization and configuration of all processor-controlled electronic components of Miunske no extra cost to the user.


    Our development section design allows it to holistically develop products for the vehicle electrical system in-house and adapt to other systems.

      Miunske CAN-Starter-Kit

      Unpack, plug in and develop - the CAN starter kit contains exactly all the hardware components which are necessary for you to develop a CAN keypad.
      Order the Miunske CAN starter kit at developer@miunske.com and create in five steps your customised keypad.

      CAN-Technology by Miunske

      Miunske CAN-bus keyboards have been especially developed for use in commercial vehicles. Free configurability
      and modular construction allow for easy and cost-effective integration of special customised solutions.mehr