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Smart central electronics for B.A.U.S. AT digital-analogue-hybrid

Rescue vehicles are no longer just transportation for persons and/or operating equipment. More and more technology has been integrated into the vehicle in recent years and today they
literally are rolling high-tech stations. And yet type and equipment are as different from one another as the missions of the helpers themselves. One of the world’s leading manufacturers
of ambulance and rescue vehicles is B.A.U.S. AT. About 200 employees of the company located in Torún (PL) rely in production on the expertise and products from Miunske.
Various vehicles are equipped and retrofitted from an emergency ambulance based on commercially available estate cars up to EMS box vans. B.A.U.S. placed emphasis on a decentralised
control for this. Anything between 4 and 6 IO modules were installed. Cabling effort, however, rendered this solution uneconomical and this was the reason why new solutions
were looked for. The result is a modular, smart central electrics which were also implemented by and with Miunske. This is possible because the major parts, at least 80 %, are standards
in spite of all individual requirements. This includes, amongst other things, special signalling system, working light, door monitoring, fan control and the like.

The extras like defibrillator, central locking system or engine overrun without driving made the remaining 20 % of the equipment volume. It was therefore a natural step to integrate the electronics centrally. A major challenge , however, was to implement this new concept in a cost-neutral way compared to the previous solution. Depending on the customer's financial resources it is now possible to configure the printed circuit board. It essentially consists of two modularly built parts: On the top side there is an analogue printed circuit board and however in the lower segment, digital signals are being processed. As a result, quite a number of cable metres can be saved while the consoles can still be mounted where they are well accessible and good to reach. This in turn does not only have financial advantages in basic hardware, but also in ongoing operation. Because with every gramme that can be saved with vehicle weight, vehicle consumption will decrease, too. And this is not only good for the budget but also good for the environment.lt.