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Universal flasher

Setup and operation

  • The simplest design is the flasher unit with three terminals, which constantly flashes when connecting the operating voltage. It is used wherever its use where there is no monitoring of the connected load is required.
  • Optional there are also models with plus- or mass turn the start-stop input or a C output. In the version with control output is monitored only if a minimum load is connected (Type with 4W or 10W)
  • Design: Relay housing can be plugged into mini relay sockets

Functional diagram


Can additional LED lamps are operated and monitored with the Uni-flasher ?
They can be operated with the flasher. A display of flashing function is possible via the optional C output. When operating several lamps there is no differentiation, whether individuals are defective thereof.


Application examples / references

  • Used anywhere where there is no monitoring of the lamp load is required (e.g., warning signals)
  • Use in fire departments, road rollers, construction vehicles
  • There were many different custom developments for specific customer applications, e.g. Impulse relays 0,5 Hz

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